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Top 7 Internet of things (IoT) startups


The speed at which technology is growing is mind-blowing. Anything that has been used widely a few years back is now not so latest. It is absolutely right to say that we are in a technological era. Internet of things or IoT is one such huge improvement. We are discussing IOT and many IOT based start-ups in India in this article.

What is Internet of things (IoT)?

        Internet of things is interrelated systems or objects that collect and transfer data wirelessly without any human intervention. To put it in simple terms it means all the things that are connected through the internet. The term ‘Internet of things’ was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. They are used in almost all varieties of fields. The possibilities are countless.

The computer chips are now very cheap and can be easily available, thus making it very easier to turn almost anything into a part of the IoT. Just by using a simple sensor, we can make objects around us a bit smarter. It is the process in which we are connecting the physical objects with the living world. An object is said to be a part of the IoT if it isn’t usually expected to have an internet connection and thus PC or Smartphones are not a part of IoT devices.

Some of the IoT devices are,

  • Any object such as AC, a fan that could be operated with a mobile app is an IOT device.
  • Smart thermostat.
  • A fitness band or smartwatch.
Internet of things Startups

Advantages of IOT:

  • Data can be easily monitored. We can easily know when the quality of air is bad or the precise needs of quantity.
  • All the operations are done at a faster rate. Through IOT the user can easily automate repetitive tasks.
  • Data can be accessed easily from almost anywhere with just a device and an internet connection.
  • IOT saves a lot of time. Multi-tasking can be done easily with almost perfection.
  • Lots of money are saved by using IOT, you do not have to pay for huge maintenance fee.

Disadvantages of IOT:

  • Data are breeched almost easily. Some of the sensitive data such as credit card numbers, debit card numbers are compromised.
  • IOT devices do not work without any internet connection. Thus we will be dependent on the internet for some primary tasks too.
  • Even though the usage of IOT may seem very simple and easy but there is some complex process going behind the scenes. If one step goes wrong almost everything goes wrong.
Top 7 Internet of things (IoT) startups Startup COE

IOT based startups in India:

IOT is one of the growing technology in the world and usually some of the top companies such as Google, IBM, Intel, Apple take giant leaps in the innovations. But recently startups based in India have been leading in the industry. Some of the start-up companies are,


CynLyr is established by NA Gokul. This company produces robotic arms to identify different articles. It is widely used in many fields such as Healthcare, Construction, and warehousing. Even though there are many companies that provide services to identify different objects, this startup’s speciality is that it also offers dynamic object manipulation.


Stellapps was established by two IITians Ranjith Mukundan and Venkatesh Seshasayee by collaborating with IIT madras. They offer dairy industry solutions by helping farmers to increase the profits and minimizing the efforts. They are funded by Blume Ventures, Venture Highway, and Flipkart. Through their efforts, they have managed to set up the huge milking parlour.


Zentix is a Delhi NCR-based startup established by Amarjeet Singh, Rahul Bhalla, and Vishal Bansal in 2013. They offer energy-saving solutions to high-power consumers. It can help you to save up to 30% of the power. They use ML models for this purpose. It is great to learn Machine learning to join IoT. The name of the product is Wattman and Wattman Lite.


Carsense is an IOT based startup founded by the 4 IITians Rohan, Pushkar, Urmil, and Prathamesh in 2015. They offer car diagnostic solutions. It is plugged into the OBD port and with their easily usable software, we can know whether there are any problems inside the user’s car.

Once they are embedded into the car, they can inform priorly about any repairs or any other problems that will affect the functioning of the system. This is a very unique startup idea thus we can definitely say that this is going to reach many milestones and remain in the top IOT based startups in India.


ThingsCloud startup was established by  Amruth Puttapa. They offer solar inverter solutions mainly for residential energy systems. They help the users to store excessive energy which could be used in the blackout grids. Additionally through the AI, they even give prior notice about the demand and supply. It is available in Coimbatore, Kadappa, and Bangalore.

AerX Labs:

AerX Labs helps in modernizing the Avionics sector by providing simulators for Airplanes and other corporates. This is Bangalore based startup established by Sumit, Kartavya, and Priyank. They are currently assessing the pilot training.


Nitesh and Nachiket are the founders of Saans. After observing the emergency room, Ambulance, and St.John’s medical college in Bangalore, they have invented two machines for healthcare which are Saans and VAPCare. Saans is a neonatal  Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device and VAPCare is a smart secretion management device to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). This is one of the smartest innovations used to save lots of lives. We believe there will be many more devices that are yet to invent.

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Many reports have predicted that India will have a huge amount of connected devices in a few years. And IOT will be leading in almost all the fields, they are going to do revolutionaries in the history of science. Many startups are going to rise in India which will improve our economy. IOT is definitely going to be the future of the nation. They are already helping in industries such as Healthcare, Automobile, and many more. They are also going to help in protecting the environment.

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