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There are so many key aspects of a business that will make your business a huge success or failure. Some of these key factors are business problems, business model, funding, business plans, cost structure and much more. It is a bit difficult to get funding for your business from venture capitalists, thus there is another way to find your business, which is to use your savings. This way, you will not be depending on some other sources for your business. But this is a hard way too. It is not easy to earn and save the money you might need for your business. In this article let us discuss the ways to bootstrap your business.

What does bootstrapping mean?

It takes a considerable amount of money to start your business. The amount of money needed is dependent on the nature of your business. Some small businesses might cost less than $10,000. Bootstrapping your business means using your money to raise the funds for starting your business instead of depending on the outside funders. Another meaning is to use the cash flow of the business.

The huge advantage of bootstrapping your business is that you do not have to constantly think of ways to keep your investors happy. You will be having full responsibility for making any sort of business-related decision.

bootstrap your startup
Bootstrap your startup

Pros and cons of bootstrapping your startup:


  • One of the important advantages of bootstrapping is that you will be the sole owner of your business. Your share in the business will be so high that it will be worth more than you expect. Even if you liquidate the ownership of the company, you will still hold the majority of the power.
  • If you like to have the power to make important decisions or any business plans, then you can go for bootstrapping your business. Because in the long run, you will have the right to make any changes or decisions.
  • By taking funds from other outside sources you might be under the exterior impression. The investor’s goals might be different from your goals. The difference in opinions might cause a lot of trouble. Due to outside funding, you will have to constantly try to please your investors.
  • If you plan to run this business for a very long time then you opt for bootstrapping your business. In the case of outside investors, they might put an expiry date to your business.
  • The sense of accomplishment is a giddy feeling. It is very rewarding to see your hard work paying you off. And the ability to build your business plan is a very tempting advantage. Because you will be forced to build a model that will result in continuous cash flow to continue the business smoothly.


  • The chances of running out of money is a huge reason for the failure of a business. It is important to find ways to keep the flow of the cash to stay in the business. You might run into some loss at the beginning but after some find you will be able to see a huge profit. Thus it is important to stay in the industry for a considerable amount of time. Bootstrapping may cause some cash flow trouble.
  • If you bootstrap your business you might not have the help of top-level people such as Shareholders, influencers, investors and much more. One of the important parts of a business is getting guidance from experienced people.
  • Through outside funding, your business will get recognition fast and more in the industry. It might not be the case if you bootstrap your business, you will be in a limited range.
  • Bootstrapping your business means hard work. You will have to hustle a lot harder than anything. You will have to take up many roles and you will be running on limited funds.

Tips to bootstrap your startup:

Start selling your services:

It is possible to make money by selling your services first. And investing the profit from the freelancing job into your business. It can be any service such as writing, web development, IT and much more. Choose the niche you are comfortable and great at and go for it. Cold pitch your services to your potential clients to get clients. It might be a hard journey but the result could be rewarding. You could easily bootstrap your business.

Targeted audience:

It can cost you considerably more in marketing your products and services. Sometimes it might go to a lost cause. To be able to save and also sell your products, services, it is advisable to market them to your targeted audience. Focus on your ideal customers to ensure potential sales and bring in more customers. It might seem impossible but there is a huge benefit in this strategy. The chance of bringing in more sales is very high when you focus on marketing your products and services to your ideal customers.

Taking up different roles:

At the beginning of your business, you might be taking up different rules such as PR, Marketing and sales, product management, and much more. This is done to save money in hiring experienced people. Even though it is advisable to hire talented people for your business, it is hard to pay them at the earlier stage of your business, if you go for bootstrapping your business.

Seeking help:

It is suggested to get advice from experienced people to know a lot more about running and maintaining a business. It is impossible to know everything about business if you are just starting it. So it is advisable to seek help. However, make sure to negotiate the deals in such a way that you are not diluting your shares. Sometimes the advisors might need to have a say in all the decisions that may limit your power.


At the earlier stage of your business, you might be doing a lot of tasks by yourself. This is to avoid running low in cash and to keep the business in the industry. Even though you will be tempted to hire people to do a lot of work, you may not be able to pay them in the long run. So it is suggested that you wait to outsource the work only when you can’t do it.

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Starting a business is hard work and it involves lots of hustling. It is important to have a constant flow of cash, to continue running the business. You might not be able to continue your business if you spend a lot of money on unnecessary expenses. So it is advised to be wise about your spending. 

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