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augmented reality in retail

Top 3 things you should know about Augmented Reality in Retail


Augmented Reality is one of the emerging technologies that is making a huge difference in lots of fields. In retail, it could bring in lots of customers and give a great customer experience for the existing loyal customers. There are so many ways through which you can implement in your retail store both online and offline. Through this unique experience, you can spike the curiosity of the customers to make them come back again and again. In this article, we will discuss the various ways we could apply augmented reality in retail.

Augmented Reality in Retail Shops:

Top 3 things you should know about Augmented Reality in Retail Startup COE
Augmented reality in retail

Magic mirrors or Virtual trial room:

Through magic mirrors, the customers can easily try on outfits and decide whether or not it suits you. It helps the customers to just try on things and find their next best outfits. It makes the customers get curious and may lead new customers to your retail shop. The disadvantage is that people should interact with the magic mirrors.

Scavenger Hunt:

Sometimes some of the products in your retail shop may not get much notice. Augmented Reality could be used to bring customer’s attention to those products through scavenger hunts. A customer could start this hunt and you can place the marks near the products you want to get noticed. If the customer finishes the task then they could get discounts. This is a hit because Pokemon Go was a huge craze among lots of people.

Accessing information:

Sometimes the customer might not ask all the details they want to know from the salesperson. So they usually use the phone to know about a product. It is said that more than 50% of people prefer using their phones. Thus, using augmented reality the customers can get all the details about the product. Every single detail and all the applications are mentioned in them. It helps people to save up a lot of time.

This helps the brand a lot by making them stand out against their competitors. It makes them unique and naturally many customers will get curious to know more which may lead to purchase.

Augmented reality in online stores:

Top 3 things you should know about Augmented Reality in Retail Startup COE
Augmented reality in retail

Colour matching:

Whenever you buy a product it is very obvious to check whether or not the colours suit you and your needs. This colour matching app created by Dulux Paints experts gives a very realistic experience by helping customers to choose the best colour for their walls. There are so many options available, so the clients take their time in deciding which will suit better according to their themes and liking. Even though it was created for a different purpose. This app is widely used by freelancers to help their clients finalize their colours. Also, it is widely used by people who are trying to DIY. This is the best app for retailers.

Object visualization:

Suggested reality is widely used in retail mainly because it helps the customers to decide to buy the products. It helps them in choosing a product which they were looking for or a product that suits their home the best.

This large object visualization helps the customers to measure the so, e of a place where they are planning to place a certain product, then it narrows down the list to show them the products that will suit better for that size.

They also help to see whether or not certain products will look good at their home. Augmented reality can help the customers to make sure that the products look good in their homes. It helps the retailers by aiding customers to make the purchase and also provides a great customer experience.

Trying the products:

Some retail stores depend a lot on the physical store and customers get the best experience if they try on the products such as a beauty products store. Sephora’s app has an augmented reality feature that will help the customers by letting them try the products to choose which suits them great.

If you’re having a lipstick shade that suits your skin tone then it is advisable to try this feature to decide. It is highly appreciated by the customers and the retailers might get a lot of customers.

Benefits of using augmented reality in retail:

Augmented Reality is said to be one of the most useful technologies in retail. This technology is making shopping more fun but also very educational. People can easily learn a lot about certain products and understand their uses and how they will be useful to them. AR is making a huge statement in the retail industry. Some of the benefits of augmented reality in retail are given below.

  1. AR is an emerging technology, it is going to give a lot of exposure to your brand and products if you start implementing these technologies into your retail business.
  2. Augmented Reality allows the customers to measure and try the products virtually. By doing this the customers could be sure about their products and make a purchase. The number of products that get returned due to these reasons will be avoided which means fewer returns and more sales.
  3. This technology will help your retail shop to be one of the tough competitors among your other competitors. By using this advanced technology you are a step ahead of your competitors.
  4. Due to covid 19 people coming and visiting a retail shop is very rare. Thus, augmented reality could be really helpful in maintaining the smooth functioning of the business. Without making any contact, the customers can easily make purchases.
  5. Augmented Reality also enhances the shopping experience. It brings in new and unique ways to interact with the customers.

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Even though many say that augmented reality is a very advanced technology, the fact is many fields are now using AR to have a great experience and bring in more customers. Before anyone knows the day will come where you can try your dresses virtually, buy furniture and almost everything else just from your home. This has started happening already, very easily the customers are going to experience something out of the world.

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